Our Classrooms

At Gather Cincy,  we want to create an environment where the child is no more dependent on the adult than necessary. We want them to know that they have the power to have a positive impact on others, even at a very early age.  So, all of our classrooms are designed for Montessori Style learning. 


Infant/Toddler Room
(3 months- 2.5 yrs) 

For parents with infants - 2.5 years old.  We will have rooms set up to support children as they learn to walk and explore their environment. The children are invited to work with the materials that most interest them individually, and through this independent choice, they can discover more about themselves and the world around them. 


Pre-School Age Room
(2.5 - 5 yrs)

For parents with preschool age children 2.5 years old - Pre K.   We will have rooms set up for creative learning and movement activities with sensory-rich imaginary play. The daily schedule allows for free choice play, as well as more structured engagement and socialization with other children. 


Napping & Nursing

As a mother, one of the great things about working with your child nearby is not having to sacrifice any part of the breastfeeding relationship. At Gather Cincy, you can go to your child whenever he or she needs to nurse, instead of having to pump. We have a quiet, comfortable room set aside specifically for nursing.

We have 2 nap rooms with cribs, pack n’ plays, and sound machines. Swings and rock n’ plays are also available in the infant rooms if your child needs a little more assistance drifting off to sleep.