Infant/Toddler Room

For Infants:

We strive to support your child in the development of the following skills:

Gross Motor Skills

Children are encouraged to exercise their freedom of movement by moving towards objects placed near them, but just out of reach. As they begin to crawl, they can move about the space in any way they want.

Social Interaction

Much of our time in the infant room is spent responding to the facial expressions and sounds of the infants. We also place mirrors on the walls so they can interact with their own reflections.

For Toddlers:

As children learn to walk and explore their environment, our young toddlers benefit from the following components of the infant/toddler room.


Toddlers spend much of their mental energy organizing their sensory input. Sensorial activities help toddlers make sense of sights, smells, textures, colors, and sounds. Toddlers practice distinguishing colors and shapes through various sorting activities and puzzles. Smelling bottles with different stimulating essential oils help them to discriminate between different smells. Musical instruments open the world of sound creation. 

Language & Math

The toddler environment is full of language and opportunities to develop number cognition.  Storytelling and reading aloud expose toddlers to new words and allows them to interact with others and enhance their social skills. Through engaging with matching games, pre-reading skills are stimulated.  While working with sorting trays help develop a sense of quantity.  

Physical Activity

Toddlers are very active and will develop a natural rhythm of rest and activity.  We encourage toddlers to move about the space freely. Our different childcare spaces allow children to experience different environments throughout the day.