It is becoming more and more difficult to raise children in today's world. 
Childcare is often prohibitively expensive
and there are few, if any, flexible or part-time options.

Our mission, at Gather Cincy, is to provide a place that will give you peace of mind knowing that your children are getting the best possible care, while you increase your productivity and develop your business and personal networks. 

Gather Cincy is here to support you making your best life happen!


Coworking & Shared Office Space

Gather Cincy provides a professional workspace with high-speed Internet, printers, and a conference room. Perfect for freelancers, remote employees and entrepreneurs. Finally, an end to the isolation of home or the interruption at a coffee shop!

Childcare on the Premises

With your membership, you have access to our quality childcare program (space is limited). Check in on your child throughout the day, as all rooms have video cameras, or have lunch with your child! And for those who are breastfeeding, we have a cozy, quiet space to nurse and nurture your child.

Built-in network for social and professional support.

Gather is a community of like-minded professionals, seeking to grow personally and professionally. We offer workshops to help with business, family and to learn some new skills. We are here to support YOU, so tell us how we can help!


We are working to bring workspace, childcare, professional and wellness services under one roof, to help you focus on what is most important to you.