Hot Off the Press

The secret is getting out about Gather Cincy! Check out these features in local publications:


Cincy Chic

When you’re a working parent, the option to work from home is often a blessing. In reality though, it’s not easy to concentrate for longer than a few minutes with little ones running around, find enough quiet time to make a call, or schedule a sitter for a last minute meeting.

One local co-working space aims to change that: Gather Cincy in East Walnut Hills....


Cincy Inno

For Meg Cooper, the Cincy entrepreneurial landscape was missing something: A place for working parents to bring their kids as they got things done.

With her mother and business partner Peggy Bustamante, Cooper set out to change that. The result? Gather Cincy, a coworking spot that has all the amenities of a typical coworking location with a unique twist: childcare for kiddos aged 3 months to school aged.

Cincinnati Refined

Co-working spaces seem to be all the rage right now, making it all the more important for a new one to have something unique that helps it stand out. Gather in East Walnut Hills most certainly has that something.

It has all the requisite co-working offerings: free coffee and snacks; cozy chairs embedded in even cozier enclaves; private rooms for conference calls; warm and welcoming I-want-my-entire-home-to-look-like-this décor. How Gather stands out, though, is its on-site childcare.

Women of Cincy

Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, popcorn and movies – all of these duos showcase unique flavors or talents while simultaneously balancing each other out, much like the mother-daughter partnership behind Gather Cincy. From renovations to wellness classes, daughter Meg Cooper and mother Peggy Bustamante have worked together over the past year to open Cincinnati’s first coworking space that offers childcare on site. Gather Cincy wants to bring working men and women together through a shared passion of hustle, hard work, and collaboration.