PowerSheets July Recap and August Goals

July feels like it flew by. Between my grandma being in town for 2 weeks and Grant and my mom’s birthday, I feel like we stayed super busy but also just a wonderfully, perfect summer. Lots of days at the pool, mornings at the zoo, popsicles with neighbors.

IMG_3543 2.JPG

I wish August would slow down, but with Teddy’s birthday and just wanting to enjoy the spontaneity end of summer will bring I decided to instead adjust my goals for the month so I didn’t put extra pressure on myself. You’ll see I really did not do an awesome job of meeting my July daily goals, so I’m readjusting for August to something more reasonable so I can work on building those habits.

July Goals Recap


  • Order invites & decorations for Teddy’s Party :: Done! So cute! Can’t wait to share!

  • Hire a housecleaner :: Why on earth did it take me so long to do??

  • Clean out basement for remodel :: Done! SO excited about having a dedicated playroom for the Tedster.

  • Complete Copywriting course :: Moving this to the Fall. I want to rewrite the Gather website, but there have been some more pressing things that have come up to work on.

  • Catch-up on Teddy’s baby book :: Moving this to August! Have to complete before Teddy’s party!

  • Schedule garage sale :: Done! We’re having a little streetwide garage sale on Saturday.


  • Meal Prep & Grocery Shop on Sunday :: Done! I love grocery shopping, but also started using Amazon Prime delivery to kick us off for the week and it’s worked great for us.

  • Weekly Cooper Status Meetings :: Kind done…I’d like to formalize this a little more this month.

  • Preschedule Gather social media :: I was kicking butt at this for the first half of the month when I was blocking out Saturday mornings to work on this, but birthdays the last half of the month got in the way of this and I’ve been winging it the 2nd half and it shows and it’s been a stress. Gotta get back on it.

  • Cook dinner/Eat at home at least 5x’s per week :: Mostly we did well with this, but like I said we had lots of family in town and birthdays and we ate out more than normal.


  • Quiet Time :: Failed bad. Going to give it a go next month.

  • Close all watch rings :: Broke my 60+ day streak in the middle of the month and somewhat lost motivation.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day :: Yikes. I need to keep a water bottle with me at all times.

  • Read for 30 minutes :: For summer I think this is just too much. Shortened it for August.


August Goals


  • Plan 1 Date Night

  • Decide on my extracurriculars for 2019-20

  • Finish Teddy’s Baby Book

  • Create Funnel pages for Membership and Events on Gather Cincy site

  • Schedule Teddy’s One Year pictures


  • Weekly Cooper Status and Budget Meetings

  • Go to Sports Club 2x’s per week

  • Walk in the AM 2x’s per week

  • Meal Prep & Grocery Shop on Sunday

  • Preschedule Gather social media

  • Cook dinner/Eat at home at least 5x’s per week


  • 5 minutes of Quiet Time

  • Close all watch rings

  • Drink 6 glasses of water a day

  • Read for 15 minutes

So there you have it! What are you working on in August?

Remember, each 3rd Thursday of the month we’re meeting together to set our PowerSheet Tending Lists for the month!